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Cat-Back Exhaust Systems for the Pontiac Grand Am

Cat-back exhaust systems, information, and recommendations for the Pontiac Grand Am.

What is a cat-back exhaust system?

A cat-back exhaust system, now frequently known as an axle-back exhaust system, is an exhaust system from the outlet of the catalytic converter to the tip of the muffler. Cat-back exhaust systems are a very popular performance modification that gives a car generally 5-10 more horsepower respectively.

Cat-back exhaust systems will have a deep sound. The loudness of the exhaust will vary depending on the mufflers installed on your Pontiac Grand Am. Most cat-back exhaust systems are full-featured kits including all the necessary parts and components to replace your entire exhaust system, including mufflers.

Cat-back Exhaust System for the Pontiac Grand Am Recommendations

  • Pontiac Grand Am Exhaust Systems from AutoAnything
    PaceSetter Exhaust System PaceSetter is one of the best cat-back exhaust systems available for the Pontiac Grand Am at a very inexpensive price. Make sure you select the brand PaceSetter and select your vehicle and model accurately. The Pacesetter cat-back exhaust system for the Grand Am also has a 3-year warranty on its parts.
    The Pacesetter exhaust system can fit ALL-sized Pontiac Grand Am engines including 2.2L, 2.4L, and 3.4L.
    Borla Cat-Back Exhaust System The Borla cat-back exhaust system for the Pontiac Grand Am is one of the most expensive exhaust systems available for the Pontiac Grand Am, along with the highest ratings. The Borla exhaust system has a deeper (and quieter) sound than the PaceSetter cat-back exhaust system for the Grand Am. Rumor has it that the Borla cat-back exhaust system is made of better quality materials (in other words longer-lasting materials) but this statement has not been proven.
    Choose your engine size correctly for the Borla cat-back exhaust system.
  • Find a Mechanic
    Custom cat-back exhaust systems for the Pontiac Grand Am can be built by a mechanic, though prices will vary: this can be an inexpensive or a very expensive alternative for you. Contact your mechanic, dealership, or find your own to get a price quote.