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Cat-Back Exhaust Systems for the Pontiac Grand Am

Cat-back exhaust systems, information, and recommendations for the Pontiac Grand Am.

What is a cat-back exhaust system?

A cat-back exhaust system, now frequently known as an axle-back exhaust system, is an exhaust system from the outlet of the catalytic converter to the tip of the muffler. Cat-back exhaust systems are a very popular performance modification that gives a car generally 5-10 more horsepower respectively.

Cat-back exhaust systems will have a deep sound. The loudness of the exhaust will vary depending on the mufflers installed on your Pontiac Grand Am. Most cat-back exhaust systems are full-featured kits including all the necessary parts and components to replace your entire exhaust system, including mufflers.

Cat-back Exhaust System for the Pontiac Grand Am Recommendations

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